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Sometimes we forget our value. We even hijack our own happiness. I was determined to get her back. The her I lost and had almost left for dead.


Return of the G

Suffocating her, duck-taking her up
Fading her to what, black?
Like West, whatever’s left flashing lights
Is getting thrashed, trashed tonight
Trunk throwing her to the back burner
Sad flowers in the attic tragic murderer
Sadistic, artistic so gifted the Miss is
Bliss be emitting when spitting them verses
Hurting her, hearse-ing her, shelving her Buzz Lightyear
Mic fear of success
Might yeah be the story
Toying with her glory, shine, dime Dorothy Dandridge kind
Fine, Confined, mind-mixing
Slipping, she drifting away
We killing this video vixen today
Maimed, no name, what a shame, it’s all the same
Aiming at the games element
Could have you hell-a-bent
So taming the brain is definitely evident

Return of the G
Return of the Me
Oh yes, yes
Let me set myself free
The B-E-A-S-T

Your Mojo, your soul glow
You ever get so close to the host?
That you could taste the meal
Feel the real, but instead of breaking the bread
You start to question it in your head
The voice of truth is proof, not a noose
So no use in killing yourself by not being you
Inside, build pride
Core if explored is probably red so passionate
If it had a color
Dare to discover the inner self
Inner wealth, ready to stealth bomb
Explode all the wonderful on masses of folks
That’s big like Black Expos
Exposed, let go, get go
Get green like gecko
Showing growth, so engrossed
That you can’t let go, set goals
Set those targets for conquest, like who’s next?

Return of the G
Return of the Me
Oh yes, yes
Let me set myself free
The B-E-A-S-T

And then you got them outsiders
Could be right by ya, like vampire
Hating can’t wait for you to make a mistake
And expire, retire, trying to rewire your system
Don’t be a victim to circuit breaking
Pushing buttons
Making you P-noid
Cause everyone can’t be B-boys or B-girls
Even if they wishing
Thinking they could exist up in your world
That’s so dead
But me I’m so embedded in this
Dissect a thigh and find down feathers
Or springs popping out
So in this that my offspring be bopping out
So in this, I could reminisce hearing KRS
and Whopping out
So in this, I’m shedding any trace of doubt
On any level, external or innate, I breathe this
Be this gift so great, I need this, breathing this
This is my fate, with no debates

Return of the G
Return of the Me
Oh yes, yes
Let me set myself free
The B-E-A-S-T


from Metamorphosis, released May 10, 2015
Return of the G

Written by Queen Herawin
Produced by Sinque E. Rivers
Recorded at Dredworx Multimedia
Mixed by Jesse West
Mastered by Low Frequency Recording



all rights reserved


Queen Herawin of The Juggaknots New York, New York

Queen Herawin is a New York based artist. She is a member of the Hip-Hop group Juggaknots, which consists of her brothers Fever and Breeze Brewin’ and their DJ Boo. Heard on the groups last album, “Use Your Confusion,” in addition to appearing on Juggaknot EP’s “The Generally” and “The Love Deluxe Movement.” Metamorphosis is her debut solo album release on Matic Entertainment. ... more

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